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Grand Daddy Purple

Family owned with the highest standards

We provide quality cannabis that can be conveniently picked up here in Hamilton.

We are a family owned and operated business with an eye on the highest standards possible. We strive for the best in ourselves and our staff. By providing a fun, healthy and clean workplace with christian values, we promote honesty and hard work. The plants love it! When everyone loves their work it shows in the fruits of their labors.


Variety of Product

Quality and unique strains developed in house.


Competitive Pricing

Our prices are competitive with friendly service, weekly deals and discounts.

Quality Terpenes

Our cannabis is soil grown with a unique blend of nutrients that brings out the best in each variety from terpenes to taste.

Why is this important? Because terpenes are essential oils, often associated with aromas of berry, citrus, mint, and pine. 

Terpenes are what make our flowers smell so beautiful. By properly curing our flower, we preserve the terpenes and ensure a unique experience with each strain.

Who We Are

Knowing you’re making a difference doing something you love is an awesome feeling. I feel like I have a connection with the soil and the plants. Growing cannabis is something I have always wanted to do and helping people is an amazing side effect of that.

Different Strains

Ape Hanger & the Prince

We have a variety of products with an array of sativa and indica strains. We are the home of the Ape Hanger and The Prince with more to come and we grow phenotypes of old favorites such as GDP and Super Silver Lemon Haze.

Your Opinion Is Valuable!

We have a lot of Genetics from “the old days” we did some breeding years ago and still had our seed stock so we will be playing around with those in the future as well as adding new ones. Stay tuned and please let us know what you think. There will be good ones, bad ones, and great ones! We will want your help in determining the best of the best because your opinion is valuable to us. You can comment at:

Our focus on excellence extends to our customer service. Your cannabis is literally a call away at competitive prices. Call us during regular business hours for a consultation on the best cannabis choice for you or visit us at The Flower Shop 692 Grantsdale Road in Hamilton. If you do not know what you want, try A “Splatter Platter” of tasters from our menu! Follow us on Instagram to watch us “grow.”