About Us

We are a family owned and operated business with an eye on the highest standards possible. We strive for the best in ourselves and our staff. By providing a fun, healthy and clean workplace with christian values, we promote honesty and hard work. The plants love it! When everyone loves their work it shows in the fruits of their labors.

"Sativa to change the things I can, indica to accept the things I can't."

What we offer

We provide quality cannabis that can be conveniently picked up here in Hamilton.



Our Team

We’ve been in love with this plant since 1986. We started experimenting with growing it in 1992 and haven’t stopped since.

It’s especially rewarding listening to people tell us how much we have helped and changed their lives.

We are blessed to work with some pretty cool, weird, and exciting people in this business!

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Master Grower/Owner

My wife and this team make me smile. I get to hang out with very cool/weird/exciting people

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General Manager/Owner

What makes me smile at the end of the day is knowing that I’m making a difference in peoples lives by providing the best quality of of product and experience to our customers.

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Some things that me smile are; Jokes, my wife, good stories, beautiful buds, and my dogs.

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Head of Purchasing & Compliance/Sales Team

What makes me happy is providing products for people and striving everyday to be a better mother, wife, daughter, teacher, and someday a better nurse.”

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What makes me smile is forever skies, bear grass, glacial lakes, lots of sunshine

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Travis (Trav)

Head of Processing and Quality Control/Cultivator
 I am happiest, when I am focused on God, close with my children and in tune with my wife.
Things that make me smile? A laughing baby, witnessing a good deed and just about any type of animal you can think of.
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Sales Team/ Research Team

The thing that makes me happy is music and how it can help people connect with each other.



Sales Team/Research Team